Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm a Mac

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We’ve officially joined the ranks of the ever-growing, uber-passionate, extremely vocal mass of Mac owners. We’ve had one on our wish list for awhile now, especially since using our Dell laptop starting making us want to ram sharp objects into our eyes. 

When your computer starts failing to recognize it when you plug in a USB, you’ve got problems.

I’ve been a Mac owner in the past. My college laptop, the one I named Julie, was a Mac. She was awesome, but after 4 faithful college years I had to let her go. She was slow and tired there toward the end.  But she was cool, and Macs have just gotten cooler since then.

Most people in grad school have a running list of items they'd like to purchase after that special security blanket (the job offer) arrives. This could include golf clubs, iPhones, purses, or clothes.  And usually a nice dinner or two at some of Bloomington's snazzy restaurants.  For us, a computer!  And maybe a nice dinner at some point, too. ;)

And because I can't resist posting one of these, enjoy.  Every time a new one comes out Josh and I look at each other and say, "wow those are SO good."


Kristen said...

YES! I *heart* my mac - we actually have two of them in our house. I won't ever go back! Enjoy it.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! One of three USB ports on my laptop doesn't recognize anything I put in it. I may be in for trouble. The battery also doesn't last for more than 7 minutes. Who can get anything done on 7 minutes of battery life? Just ridiculous but I don't want to buy a new battery if I am going to turn around and buy a new computer. I am also running out of free space so as you can tell it is about time. What makes a Mac better than a PC?

Jedda said...

We are a Mac family! We love them too! I grew up with them and "converted" Daniel when we got married :)

Dave and Jenni said...

My dad swears by his Mac - I think he'll be buried with it. LOL. We thought about getting one before we got our HP laptop, but we would have had to re-buy all of our software in Mac version and the Mac laptops were more expensive, so overall it would have been about $700-1000 more expensive than what we paid. They are cool though - congrats on the buy. OK, so where is Josh going????

Lynn said...

We are not quite ready to bury our HP desktop yet...but there are days..*&@*#&*$&^ When we do...we'll definitely be getting a MAC!!!

LOVE our Macbook.