Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been thinking about my last post and have some questions to pose to you all...

1. For all you Mac lovers out there, why do love your Mac so much?  
I have to admit I haven't laid eyes on our's yet.  I've been out of town all week and Josh purchased it while I've been gone.

We bought it because:

A. We've heard good things
B. They're cool
C. They have great capabilities for pictures, videos, etc.
D. We've enjoyed trying them out at various Mac stores
E. We hate our Dell laptop (which was dying a slow, painful death) and wanted a change

So what do you love about your Mac?  The ease of using it?  The webcam (for all you Skypers)? Some special program I need to discover?  

2. For you Kelley MBA folks (or anyone else on a limited budget), what is on your wish list? 


Lynn said...

Sigh...where to start...

-SOOO user friendly.
-Less bugs than PC's
-The camera (with great quality) that I can take all over the house so family members can watch Addie.
-GREAT photo program (links to Shutterfly (or whatever site you use to print pictures), easy to email and organize pictures.
-Links to my iPhone ;o)
-Great address book program and other nifty gadgets that sink well with my other nifty gadgets.

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

I had a mac laptop for four years as a teacher and it was wonderful!!! It has such easy/user friendly programs.. I loved iphoto, imovie, garageband(I don't know if all macs come with that but it is a music/podcast program), and it has easy to use templates for things like websites and ibooks. I loved the widget function too. You can select which things you want like calandar, post its, weather, gas prices, fandago, sports updates, etc. It is really handy. Tom also bought a mac for school and it allows you to divide the software to run as a pc function as well as a mac so he can use excel and other pc programs easily.

Kristen said...

I LOVE my mac because of the programs, its user friendly, less chance of bugs/viruses, the camera for skype, and they are just uber cool! I know you will love your mac. I know someday when I get my iphone I will love it even more :o)