Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Growed Up...

But never too old for a Valentine's Day gift from my mom.

Inside I found all kinds of sweet stuff:
Fair trade chocolate for me, and Ghirardelli (with caramel) for Josh. Perfect!

And these things? They're for making heart-shaped pancakes and eggs.
I grew up eating heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast each year on Valentine's Day. My mom would make a big breakfast before school and we'd enjoy it by candlelight. It is a tradition I'd like to start up with my own kids someday.

And another favorite - coffee pods! And these are the deluxe kind for making lattes, complete with frothy milk. And believe it or not, they are really good.

Add these goodies from a recent package from Jamie, and I'm all set.

This little stack is desk drawer material if I've ever seen it.

A huge thank you to my mom and Jamie! I appreciate the treats and the thoughtfulness.


Lynn said...

Such fun! I LOVE the big breakfast by candlelight on Valentine's Day idea. I am so going to copy that one! I love family traditions...

BTW...Sarah answered your question in my comments section about why she and J thought Pat and I would work.

Jaimbob said...

You're welcome Witte! You know I've got nothing but love for ya girl!! ;)

Dave and Jenni said...

What a generous V-day gift! I see you put them to good use.