Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

Any of you who have been on facebook lately will have noticed the plethora of "25 Random Things" notes. The basic idea is that one person writes a list of 25 random tidbits about them, then tags 25 friends to do the same.

After being tagged 7 times, I gave in tonight and did it.

And then I figured that those of you who aren't my facebook friends might enjoy reading this as well. On that note, if you aren't my facebook friend, be sure to rectify that soon. I'll accept the request.

Consider this a continuation of my 100 Things post. So now you'll get to know 125 random things about me. Or maybe 121, since I'm sure there is some overlap.

1. When we moved to Indiana, I teased Josh that he was taking me "to the ends of the earth," when actually we were just moving to a more centrally midwestern location.
2. Our next move will be midwestern as well - we will move to Columbus, OH this summer.
3. We're both Michigan undergrads and don't look forward to being surrounded by crazy Buckeyes. Other than that, we're excited to move and think we'll like Columbus.
4. My favorite color used to be pink - all things pink, all the time. But I don't really have one anymore. There are too many to choose from.
5. I really like blogging and reading blogs. I don't blog as consistently as I'd like, but am trying to not feel blog guilt about 2-3 posts per week.
6. I enjoy paper crafts, but am totally interested in making some Blurb or iPhoto picture books. Scrapbooking is fun, but I'll never be able to scrapbook all of my pictures. I do feel a little guilty about it, however, since I have oodles of scrapbooking supplies.
7. I'd like to give birth to a child someday, but I'd also like to adopt a child. If I have my choice in the matter, I'll have at least one of each.
8. I am one of 16 grandchildren on one side, and one of even more on the other side.
9. I love having so many cousins, many of whom are my age.
10. I don't like silence, and usually have a podcast, an episode of Friends or The Office, or an audio book on.
11. The upstairs of my townhouse is usually a disaster.
12. I'd like to be more neat, but I never quite get there. I'd rather blog :).
13. Josh was my best friend before we started dating. I think it was weird for our friends when we did, although it felt normal to us.
14. We'll be married for 4 years this summer - crazy. But wonderful at the same time.
15. I really enjoy the TV show How It's Made. It brings out my inner nerd.
16. I'd like to have a well-decorated house someday. But I doubt we'll have the budget for it any time soon.
17. The next bed I buy will be comfortable to sit up in. Our current bed has an uncomfortable head board.
18. Our current bed also sits WAY too high off the ground. Like at waist height. We keep an old ottoman next to the bed so Riley (the dog) can use it to get up.
19. Although some think it is completely gross, I can't imagine not having Riley sleep with us. He is a wonderful snuggler, but a bit of a bed hog.
20. I've been to London and Istanbul, but none of the Europe inbetween. We're planning a trip that will change all of that, with stops in Belgium, Holland, France, and Italy.
21. I want to live a life that really matters, but don't always know what that means for the here and now.
22. For me, experiencing new music is a little bit of a chore. So I end up listening to the same old stuff, which isn't my favorite, either.
23. New books, however, are often a welcome diversion. Especially fiction.
24. I am very, very blessed by an incredible number of friends.
25. And I'm totally crazy about my family - both extended and the one that includes just a husband and dog.


Searle Family said...

Jessica, I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know you over our MBA experience. I know things are going to get busier in the months ahead, but I hope we can get together a few times.

Kristen said...

A fun way to get to know you better. It sure is harder to come up with them than I thought it would be.

Dave and Jenni said...

I know I totally had repeats when I did mine of Fb. Very cool and I'm happy to say that I already knew some of this. Yay for real bloggy friends (and the fact that Josh can't deny our existence anymore)! :-)

Lynn said...

I was tagged for this one of FB too, so I need to get to posting this soon! Fun stuff!