Sunday, May 4, 2008

Its Time For 100 Things About Me

No, it isn't a milestone. Just for fun.

1. I have a very common name.
2. I like hard boiled eggs.
3. But only the white part.
4. I do, however, like deviled eggs.
5. When I'm wearing slip on shoes (could include clogs, flip flops, ballet slippers, etc) I slip off the one on my left foot when I'm driving and rest that foot on the seat. Very comfortable.
6. I love to read, and always have a "to read" list a mile long.
7. I usually go for fiction first.
8. Before I worked for Z I was a bank teller.
9. Then I was an account opener for about two months.
10. Then Z finally caved in and I got a job there.
11. When Josh and I got married, we had all 8 grandparents present. No one had passed away or had gotten divored and remarried. Just eight.
12. Since then we've lost one, Josh's grandpa.
13. We'd like 3-4 kids someday.
14. And we hope they come after Josh is done with school. We're planning accordingly.
15. I have a small immediate family (Just two parents and a brother)
16. I have a large extended family.
17. My mom has four sisters.
18. My dad has four sisters and four brothers.
19. I grew up surrounded by cousins my age.
20. Thankfully, most of them lived nearby.
21. I started to be a coffee drinker when I was 15 and I worked at a drive-through coffee shop.
22. That was my first "real" job.
23. I used to babysit a lot. I loved it.
24. There are several skills I would like to learn:
25. Piano (I stopped lessons at like age 14)
26. Sewing/Quilting
27. Photoshop
28. We plan to take Riley to doggie training lessons this summer. He isn't a bad boy, but he could learn to stick closer to him mom and dad when outside.
29. I'm a very social person.
30. My earliest friend is my cousin Erin. She is four months older than me.
31. When we were both 12, waiters at restaurants would hand her a kids menu and me an adult menu. It used to drive her CRAZY.
32. When I was a teenager my mom told me she would pay me $100 to grow my hair out to "boob level."
33. I tried, but it never got long enough.
34. I met Josh in college, at the University of Michigan.
35. I loved my U of M experience.
36. But I'm thankful Josh chose Kelley (IU) for grad school. It has been great for him.
37. I really like to scrapbook and make cards.
38. I can go a little wild in hobby lobby.
39. I received a bunch of gift cards to Hobby Lobby for Christmas.
40. They're now gone.
41. I'm sometimes tempted to post pictures of my crafts on this blog, but I don't want to seem full of myself.
42. But I enjoy looking at other blogs for crafty inspiration.
43. I'm not good at remembering to bring things with me when I leave the house.
44. I usually am at a loss to find keys or my cell phone.
45. I really like my job.
46. I'm really thankful I can do it in Bloomington and in St. Joseph.
47. I'm curious to see where God leads us next.
48. I have gold ballet slippers. I enjoy them; Josh does not.
49. My brother and I are 3 1/2 years apart.
50. He is younger than me.
51. I've always wanted to get my belly buttom pierced.
52. I enjoy listening to audio books - when I'm driving, doing chores, working...
53. When I was 18 I saw myself getting married in my late 20's.
54. I got married at 21.
55. We had a very pink wedding. I loved it.
56. I have been a bridesmaid once before - in my friend DeeDee's wedding.
57. I love Balsamic Viniagrette dressing on my salad.
58. I could survive on freshly baked bread and butter.
59. I've been on a Lord Of The Rings kick lately. Just finished listening to all of the audio books a couple weeks ago.
60. I'm currently listening to The Hobbit.
61. I kind-of like McDonalds.
62. Especially the Sausage McGriddles.
63. I love BasicGrey paper when I make cards and scrapbook.
64. A League Of Their Own is one of my favorite movies. It has been since age 13 or so.
64. ELF is my current favorite, however.
65. I don't offend easily.
66. I probably tell people TMI from time to time.
67. My first car was a 1983 Mercury Marquee.
68. Keep in mind I was born in 1983.
69. It was a pea-green yellowish color. And some rust spots.
70. His name was Ralph.
71. My cousin drove a junker that she called Henry. Ralph and Henry were friends.
72. I played with dolls longer than my friends did.
73. But I loved Molly and couldn't give her up. She came to college with me. Dressed in Maize and Blue. Granted, I no longer played with her by that time.
74. I still really love the American Girl Store in Chicago.
75. My mom can't wait to bring my as-of-yet-not-conceived daughter there.
76. There and Disney World. Boys can come on that trip.
77. I enjoy playing Settlers Of Catan.
78. I am usually reading at least 4 books at any given time.
79. My husband thinks this (and many other things about me) is crazy.
80. I hope we get visitors in St. Joe this summer.
81. I used to be very insecure. God has been working on me in this area for the last five-or-so years. I have a ways to go, but I'm thankful for the progress that has been made.
82. I went to a private Christian high school.
83. It was big. Christian schools are popular in Grand Rapids, where I grew up.
84. I don't know what kind of school we'll send our kids to.
85. From Kingergarten to 4th grade I went to a public Montessori school.
86. What I appreciated most in 5th grade (when I switched to a Christian school) was that they had good art supplies. There must have been budget cuts in that area at the public school.
87. I love babies.
88. I also love baby names. Just ask my husband. I make him talk baby names at least once a week.
89. I have a hard time grasping the idea of time zones.
90. I love pancakes.
91. When I was little my mom used to make heart-shaped ones for us on Valentine's Day.
92. Oh wait, she still does that!
93. At this point, I don't see myself going back to school for anything.
94. But I'm open to it.
95. I'd like to live in a foreign country for a few years.
96. I like to waterski, but I'm not very good at it.
97. I also enjoy driving the boat.
98. Since I failed the whole half-marathon thing, I'd like to sign up for a 5K one of these days.
99. It would be more my style.
100. I like cottage cheese on my Ruffles potato chips.


Searle Family said...

Jessica - I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other in Bloomington. I see from this post we have much more in common than I realized. It sounds like you need to teach a craft night class!!


p.s. Thanks for telling me about reader. I love it already!

Jaimbob said...

I loved reading this! There weren't many that I didn't already know... ;) Love ya Witts!

Gram said...

Jess, go get your belly button pierced. Life is too short ! Gram

Searle Family said...

Jessica - In answer to your comment on my blog, we share the following interests from your list:
2,4,6,7,25,26,29,36,37,38,44,47,54,57,58,65,66,72,77,78,79,100. Let's have chips and cottage cheese at the next meeting! A field trip to Hobby Lobby would be good too. I really want to take their cake decorating classes.

Short Stop said...

YAY...I'm so glad you did one 'cause I LOVED reading it!

So funny...friends came over today and guess what game they brought..."Settlers of Catan"!

#5 - I totally do that, too.

#32 - my sister and I call it the "Eve" cut. I happen to be sporting it these days!

#38 - I have never been to Hobby Lobby. EEK. I know!

#45 - 'cause you never know who's reading this! LOL! j/k...Z's the best.

#93 and #94 - I feel exactly the same way.

Awesome list! Loved it!

Lynn said...

I love these lists...and I love that you did one even without hitting a milestone!

I too slip off my shoe and put my foot on the seat. It's quite comfortable.

I have a small immediate family (one sister) and a large extended family (all in the same county) as well.

Scrapbooking and Settlers of Catan also make my favorites list.

Dave and Jenni said...

Cottage cheese on potato chips? Really? Don't they get all soggy?

That is so neat about your grandparents at your wedding. I only ever knew one of my real grandparents and she died when I was nine. Dave only has one living grandparent too and I've met her once.

I loved this list - I learned a lot more about you! Thanks for sharing!