Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - Lake Michigan

Are you sensing a theme?

Josh's parents are visiting for the holiday weekend and we took them - where else? - to the dog-friendly beach in Stevensville.

Riley was SUPER good and was even allowed to trot along without a leash. He especially loved running up and down the shore with us. It was the perfect day for it - sunny without being hot.

My in-laws walking down to the water.

Loving the sand dunes.

The family shot.

I could run with my dog on the beach all day every day. We both love it.

The beach bum...


Lynn said...

Good times!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh I can't wait to get out to the beach - we haven't made it yet this year, but hopefully soon! Looks like you all had a great time!

Short Stop said...

This looks like a great time. We went to Holland twice this past weekend! I love, love, love the beach!