Friday, May 2, 2008

Year One: Complete

Yes, Josh has completed his first year of B-School! He finished his last two exams yesterday. He has worked hard this past year and done really well. I'm very proud of him!

Hard to believe he is half done already. At this time next year he'll be wearing a cap and gown, and we'll be preparing to start our new life somewhere. We don't know where yet. But somewhere.

It's exciting.

And now we're getting ready to move to Michigan for the summer! And the search for a place to live mercifully ended. We DID find a place to rent in St. Joseph, Praise the Lord. We are thankful Josh will have a quick, easy commute and that we'll only be 6 blocks from the beach.

Yes, you read that right! WOO HOO. I'll put that bathing suit to good use.

Here's "our" "new" place:

We welcome any and all friends who would like to visit!

We leave in less than a week! Thankfully the place is furnished so the packing will be minimal. Clothes, craft stuff (of course!), some pantry items, sports stuff, and work stuff will round out the list. And now that Josh conveniently has some extra time on his hands, he is being put to work! Willingly. This week he has dropped off and picked up dry cleaning, gotten oil changes for both cars, and deposited money at the bank. LOVE IT. I believe he is packing kitchen stuff as I write this.

AND my very cute and sweet husband just came home from errands with a cup of Starbucks and one of my favorite movies. What a keeper.


Short Stop said...

Your new place looks adorable. And, Congratultations to Josh on finishing his first year!

Hope you had fun watching the movie and enjoying your Starbucks!

Dave and Jenni said...

The place looks so cute! And 6 BLOCKS FROM THE BEACH? How on earth will you have the will-power to work from home? Do you think the beach has Wi-Fi? LOL!