Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jan Shoes

We have a running disagreement in our family about cute dress shoes.

I'm off to LA tomorrow for a trade show and knew I needed to purchase some new black heels. My existing pairs include a cheap-o Target purchase that have been worn to death and a nicer, cute set that unfortunately are missing one heel. Thanks to a little brown rascal.

I spotted this pair a few weeks ago at the Nine West outlet store in Michigan city, and liked them immediately. I mean, they're professional and stylish, right? Plus relatively versatile.

Josh hated them.

Actually, he immediately described them as "witchy" - except with a "b." He thinks they looked severe and a little bit like they could be used for weapons.

But they will go so nice with my suit!

The good wife in me decided to wait and continue to shop around. Well I looked. And looked. And found nothing that I liked that was black, not a sling-back, and didn't have a crocodile print feel to them. So Josh finally relented, under the promise that I'd only wear them for work-related events.

And now they're mine. We now call them my "Jan shoes" - a la Jan Levinson back when she was still Michael's boss.

I just hope they don't KILL my feet as I have to stand in them ALL WEEKEND LONG. Maybe I should take some flats (and run the risk of stepping on the hems all day) just in case.


Anonymous said...

OK, i never comment on your thingy but I have to on this:
1. those are great shoes
2. you will wear them all the time
3. women all over america have those shoes- they arent "witchy" they are normal
4. to reinforce #3, I own shoes just like those and next to flip flops and tennis shoes they are my most worn shoes
5. wear them, embrace them, love them


Lynn said...

I'm with LK...they're cute! They have some sass to them, but I don't think they go as far as "witchy with a B."

sbaar said...

The funny thing is, I know exactly what you mean when you say "Jan shoes." :) But they are super cute. Sometimes guys just don't understand. :)

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh my gosh, those shoes are hot - not in a P.aris H.ilton kind of way, but with a cute little black dress I'm thinking Josh might change his tune. LOL.

Paulina said...

now you have to post a picture so we can see them :)