Monday, May 5, 2008

Best Worst Sportscast

Have you seen this yet? Tell me you have. Just in case, I had to post it here.

I'm not usually one to laugh when others are having a rough time.

Really, I'm not.

But this is hysterical. Other than the "boom goes the dynamite" line, my favorite part is when he mouths an apology to the camera.

Am I a terrible person?


Dave and Jenni said...

In the words of Tommy Boy, "That....was.....AWESOME!" Oh it was so painful and so funny at the same time. Kinda like the office. That poor, poor boy.

Alex said...

Oh My.
You gotta give him credit, he finished the segment.

Bill and Paulina said...

Hey Jessica, I'm blogging now :) Just wanted to let you know. Hope you're well.

Short Stop said...


Jason and I laughed SO hard at this.

AND, Jenni beat me to the punch...that was more hilariously painful than watching Michael Scott talk to Jan.