Monday, February 23, 2009

A note of clarification

In case you were unsure, the puzzle pieces in my hand below are all-but-unusable. Riley not only "found" them, but thought he'd try chewing on them a bit, too.

I figured it would be obvious that they are indeed mangled, but then again, they ARE puzzle pieces and you don't really know what they are supposed to look like.

After Josh found these delightfully soggy pieces, he groaned and asked, "so should we keep on going?"

I mean, what is the fun of a puzzle if not all the pieces are present and intact?

But yes, we're moving forward.


A. They're edge pieces, and won't detract from the overall look too much.
B. While absolutely damaged, the basic shape of each is still there. Riley managed to change the texture, color, and depth of each piece, but left the little nodes attached. Looking at these things, it must have been quite a feat. But they do still fit into the border.


Anonymous said...

I remember when our dog, Buster, did that. If I'm mistaken the pieces Buster chewed up were from the middle of the puzzle. You got to just love those dogs.

Dave and Jenni said...

Ohhhhh, OK. You know, looking more closely at the picture, I do see now that they are a bit mangled. At least he didn't swallow them I guess. LOL - yuck.