Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not a good finisher. I have great ideas and then get 3/4 done and stop. I get lazy. And find a new project to start in on.

But I want to change that. And goals are healthy. And this year will be an interesting one, with all of the adoption craziness going on. And while we're waiting for baby B to arrive, I'm flat out going to need something to focus on to pass the time.

I have a few ideas brewing at the moment.

Devotional time? Exercise? Weight loss? House projects? Bloggy frequency? Budgeting? Hm... all kinds of options.

But I could use your help, Internet. What do I choose? More than one? Should I set mini goals - perhaps a new one per quarter? I could use your best New Years Resolution-type advice.


Erika said...

Dave Ramsey recommends (with finances) starting out with the easy goals and let that encourage you to make the big ones. Might work with this as well :)

But honestly I'm right there with ya - good starter bad finisher. Thank the Lord He finishes what He begins :)

Amber said...

I would recommend not choosing more than 3. It's okay to have a bigger goal, but you should break it down into mini goals each month or week. As you achieve the small ones, you'll be spurred on to continue toward the larger goal. Instead of saying, "I want to lose xx lbs. this year," try "I will workout/go to the gym 8 times this month (or 2x this week)." Good luck!

SEHJ said...

I would recommend setting a fitness goal instead of a weight loss goal (not that you need to lose weight, might I add, you're tiny!) - but something like "I'll run a (5K/10K/whatever distance) race by (insert deadline here)." That way you'll get into the routine of training for your event, which will lead to regular exercise and you'll see results, but you won't get bogged down into staring at the scale every day! :)