Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Riley's New Bed

Thank you to the fine folks at All Modern Pet - the new dog bed is great.


First of all, it is surprisingly hard to find an orange dog bed. But OF COURSE I needed one to match my office. And this fits the bill nicely.

Second, he seems to enjoy himself in it. Granted, his BFF is his bed that we used to keep in the office, and now is downstairs. But that one is fuzzy.

And this one is cute. And since it sits under the window, it provides an excellent sunning spot.


MM... the sun is so delicious at naptime.


Mom, seriously, get that camera out of my face so I can go back to sleep.



Kristen said...

yeah! i was wondering about the new dog bed. he looks very happy and i LOVE the color. i may need to look into those cool beds for our dogs.

Erika said...

Nice bed. Looks like Riley is enjoying himself. Cute reindeer by the way. I'm impressed Josh let you take a picture of him :)

Janine said...

Cool bed! Riley looks very happy, except for that last pic! :-) Too cute.