Thursday, December 3, 2009

After many moons of sleeping on a mattress on the floor...


The funny thing is, we've had a bed since we first got married. Josh's grandparents gave us a bedroom set for a wedding gift.

It has been in our guest room since we moved in. See? We were just being good hosts.


A couple of factors influenced our decision to spring for a new one:
A) Josh's parents had an extra king-sized mattress they were willing to give us.
B) Our old bed is SO HIGH off of the ground. So high that we kept an old ottoman next to the bed so Riley could have a launch pad. Living ottoman-in-our-bedroom free sounded pretty appealing.

One of these days I want to get some artwork/pictures up. Some cute pillows, maybe. And I'd like to get a full-length mirror for the wall with the windows.

But for now, it is just nice to be up off of the floor. With a headboard so my pillow doesn't fall into the ditch between the mattress and the wall.

We were so anti-high bed this time around that we clearly swung the other way. This one doesn't quite clear my knee.


We decided early on that we didn't want to try and match the existing woods we had in the room, so we went with the upholstered look. Also, I wanted a headboard the was cozy to rest up against. Our last bed was SO NOT comfortable to sit up in. This one is great!


And yes, we are THOSE PEOPLE that have a TV in our bedroom. Can anyone guess the movie?


Beth said...

Angels & Demons. Did you like it?

Beth said...

Love the dog-friendly choice! We have an overturned hamper next to our bed to help our aging kitty make the leap. I get sick of seeing the hamper, but I do like the storage space under the bed, so it's a quandry.

Jenni S. said...

It looks great! Love the bedroom colors too!