Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

There is something wonderful about getting rid of junk.
A blissful feeling.

Yesterday I spent several hours in our bedroom, changing sheets, putting away the winter "big covers" (aka feather comforter), sorting out dresser drawers, and building a very large Goodwill pile. Countless loads of laundry were also involved. Housework isn't usually something I look forward to or enjoy, but yesterday it was actually fun. Taking a very crowded, messy, disorganized room and transforming it into something neat and clean, with room to spare was just terrific. I will say that I love a good purge. I mean, who needs five sweaters that haven't been worn in the past year? NO ONE.

In the process, things got considerably worse before they got better.

Case in point. The room looks like it threw up socks, sweatshirts, and old bathing suits.
BUT Ta-da! Here is the finished product. I refrained from taking pictures of organized dresser drawers, but I was tempted.
Yes, that is an ottoman next to the bed, in case you're curious. We have a high bed frame to begin with, coupled with extra thick mattresses, and the result is a waist high (on me) sleeping surface. It takes effort to crawl into bed every night for us, and we certainly didn't want Riley trying it (especially with a bum leg - we can NOT afford more surgery!). So we trained him to use the ottoman to launch himself up.

... And in all of this cleaning goodness, I have to give a shout out to my much-adored front loaders, who worked tirelessly along side of me all afternoon. These guys can really chug out amazing amounts of laundry. I couldn't have done it without them!

(thanks Mom and Dad Brown!)
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sbaar said...

I love this post because I totally know what you mean. I definitely keep up with the day-to-day and weekly cleaning, but every once in a while I do a huge project (cleaning out the entire closet, as in taking all the clothes, etc out and wiping down shelves, etc) and it feels SO good.

Way to go on the cleaning! And I am super jealous of your front-loading washer. :)

Dave and Jenni said...

I'm living vicariously through you right now. Spring cleaning has to wait for two vital things - 1)potty training to be done so that I can give the carpet a good steam clean and 2) Basement to be done - there's no sense cleaning everything when drywall dust will be everywhere in a matter of days. But I'm with you - I love a good purge!

Short Stop said...

Oh, I love a good purge, too! SO freeing! Since we're moving soon, I will be bagging up all kinds of stuff and purging away!

I had to laugh at your ottoman. Our bed is really high and there is now way that I can get into it without my trusty stool next to it! :)