Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quick Update

Things are BUSY around here, but wanted to give you an update on life!

1. Our ant problems are at an all-time high (or is it low?) In any case, they're bad. We came home from Target last night to find at least 300 teeming ants on our windowsill, wall, and counter-top. Gave me the HEEBY JEEBIES. If the apartment complex does not send out a professional this time around they are going to HEAR IT from me! Because really, that is ridiculous.

And I promise you it is not because we're THAT messy of people. During the incident last night the only dirty/food-ish things on the counter top were some of Riley's bones. No dirty dishes in the sink or normal food left on the counter. Nope.

I took a picture but it is way too gross to share.

2. We have started to play tennis again! Yay! Josh basically taught me how soon after we got married, and we've enjoyed playing together ever since. You know, active, outside, good exercise... all of that. And it is finally warm enough, even if the court is super wet from all the downpours we've gotten lately. Last night we went even though it was still raining. It just feels good to be outside.

Granted, tennis does tend to bring out one of my worst character flaws (fierce competitiveness coupled with a bad attitude when I'm not playing well) but so far this year I've managed to keep it together.

And now that we have Riley he just comes along and chases balls around. Fun for the whole family.

3. I'm off to Springfield and then St. Louis this week.

4. I think we've finally found somewhere to live, and it is in St. Joe and NOT in a hotel. Yay!


Dave and Jenni said...

Yea or Yay that you found somewhere to live! :) I really just need to pick one, don't I? Sorry to hear about the ants. We had that problem in our apartment complex when we were first married too. But after they sprayed, the ants stopped coming. Maybe it's a newlywed thing that you have to have an ant problem.

Have a safe trip!

p + j + g buurstra said...

I bet it feels good to have that big decision made! Woo hoo!

Safe travels this week! What a jetsetter you are... :)

The two weekends you mentioned wont work, I had emailed you back. This weekend is Grayson's b-day and the May weekend is his dedication at church. So sorry! I bet then we'll be looking at visiting in St. Joe. Oh bummer, the beach. ;)

Erika said...

You amaze me how much you post, Jess, you NEVER have to apologize for not posting :) I'm glad things are falling into place and I hope the ant situation gets better soon! We had a flea situation at one of our apartments in GR and it's not fun. I'm thankful we didn't have a pet... but our neighbors all did.