Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ridiculous T-Shirt Night

Last night, after watching some NCAA B-Ball at our friend Jim's house, we headed over to an old-fashioned house/birthday party. The theme? Come wearing a ridiculous t-shirt.

WHAT an idea. Genius.

You can see me (in Yu-Gi-Oh!) and my friend Emily donning an terrific dog shirt (I really love the one leaping up in the air). Her husband was in a teal number that included several wolves. We saw all sorts of excellent ridiculous options.
Josh, however, was told by the birthday girl that he had the best shirt there. He does look awesome in pink, don't you think? And flamingos. The rhinestones, however, really seal the deal. There he is with our friend Zach, who is headed to (you guessed it) Oscar Mayer for the summer.
I'm filing this idea away somewhere in my brain and breaking it out again at an opportune time.


Short Stop said...

I am SO stealing this idea...FABULOSO!

Love Josh's t-shirt. And, I love your hair wavy like that! :)

Jaimbob said...

Hey Jess! Sadly, I really can't see the rhinestones on Josh's shirt but I'm sure they are FABulous!! I really wish I had held onto that shirt that mom got me when she went to Florida back when I was a junior in high school... you know the one with the dolphins splashing up out of the water with sparkles EVERYWHERE! Maybe it would have been a step up from the fleece... Oh how well my mother knows my sense (or lack of) style... ;)

aletha jo said...

That IS an awesome idea. I wish I attended more house parties. I LOVE 'em! I used to in college--but no one seems to have them anymore (or I'm just not invited!) LOL

Dave and Jenni said...

That's such a fun idea - especially if it means you can get your husband to wear rhinestones for one night AND get his picture in it! LOL!

Lynn said...

Hey Jess! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come again. :o)

This idea is SO FUN! I just may have to steal it. Great shirt choices by the way.

How long will you be out of town? Do you travel a lot?

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