Friday, April 18, 2008

What Was That?

We woke up early this morning to our entire townhouse shaking. It stopped within seconds and we were back to sleep immediately.

This morning we were like, did that really happen?

Yes, apparently so.

UPDATE: And we got another one at 11:15 am! This one *only* a 4.5 (as opposed to 5.2 from earlier this morning).

Such a strange feeling to feel your entire house move!


p + j + g buurstra said...

Ya, they're talking about it up here too! Aparently shaking was felt this far north. How crazy!!

Glad it didn't "shake" you guys up too much, HA! :)

Short Stop said...

NO WAY! That's CRA-ZY!

That deserves the day off! :):)

Dave and Jenni said...

I just read about that on C.NN - so crazy!

Anonymous said...

You live in what state? Annette experienced an earthquake this week also. It does feel rather strange. When we had one this fall, I was sitting in the chair and felt the ground move and the light swing. I'm glad the one you felt didn't cause any damage.