Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Witte Family Christmas Party

I have many, many memories of this party from years past. It always takes place on the Saturday night before Christmas Eve. And I've always enjoyed it.

Picture 262

Picture 267-1

Picture 270

There is a slightly different mix every year, which is the name of the game when it comes to large families. Because Josh and I split holidays between each set of parents, I only go every other year.

But many parts are the same.

The aunts. The hot fruit salad (SO good). The cousins. The casseroles. The rice crispy treats with M&M's (Aunt Laurie makes the best ones). The uncles.

My Oma.

Picture 321

The piano being played. Sometimes we sing Christmas carols in Dutch. But this year, Jonah (in green) treated us to a concert. He's really quite good.

Picture 319

The babies. More every year, naturally.

Picture 290

And the games. We're game players in this family.

From intense rounds of cards...

Picture 277

(Uncle Henk and Uncle Teunis were just too cute playing Uno with all of the kids.)

Picture 286

... To Trivial Pursuit.

Picture 299

80's edition this time. And yes, that is the butt of a Care Bear.

Picture 251

And really, what party is complete without Trivial Pursuit?

Picture 304

So fun. Such a blessing.

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Rebecca said...

So bummed I missed out. Looks like you guys had a blast! Maybe next year...