Thursday, August 18, 2011

9 Month Pictures

A certain someone is 9 months old today...


My friend Lora was gracious enough to take time out of her busy life to help snap some pictures yesterday. She's the one who helped me with Caroline's 3 month shots.


Get ready for a whole bunch of pictures, since I can't possibly decide on my favorite.


I'm guessing I'll enjoy most of Caroline's ages and stages, but this one might be my favorite so far.


She crawls. Not too quickly yet, thankfully. She's curious. She can turn the pages of her board books... and then shove them into her mouth, of course.


She still loves to swing, and giggles every time we put her in.


She's got two teeth now. And man can she shovel in the table food these days. It's best to strip her down to a diaper prior to dinner.


I made this dress. Thank you Prudent Baby for step-by-step instructions. The material is from a duvet cover I bought on clearance from West Elm years ago. You may have also seen it used in our kitchen.


On a more serious note, let me just tell you that I've never experienced the hand of God in my life like I have with this child. I have no greater proof that He exists. He grew her, out of nothing, right inside me. Knit her together. Perfectly. I had very little to do with the process. And then God gave her to me and Josh.


I'm not even speaking about our infertility struggles, and the low chances we had of conceiving. Nope, I'm talking about the miracle that is every baby. Perfectly formed features. A little body that moves and breathes and eats... and smiles. And snuggles. And laughs. And grows.


Nothing and no one but a very powerful, very loving God could do that. There's a lot I don't know about Him and this world, but this much I'm confident of.

We're humbled and thankful that He blessed us with this child. We've so enjoyed her these last nine months.



Mary Kate said...

LOVE THIS POST!! And the pictures turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! So precious. Please share. Love you!

Lynn said...

ADORABLE!!! I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. I,too, am constantly amazed that my children have two eyes, ten toes, and parts in all the right places. God is amazing!

Lesley said...

She is a happy baby. And you did an amazing job.

Janine said...

Life is so precious! I love the picture of Caroline holding the book and looking up at the camera. That's my fave. That and the one where she's a bit of a human pretzel, oh to be that flexible as an adult! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your heart.

Erika said...

Beautiful little girl :) God is truly amazing :)

Chrispy Critter said...

What a beautiful post!!! Loved it!