Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting some photos off the dang computer.

As you're probably aware, I like to fiddle around with my camera. I especially enjoy capturing the little life of our girl - as many moments as I can.

But then, I get SO MANY pictures. Like these. And these:

Sure, they're fun pictures of Caroline. But if I have them all printed in 4x6's I KNOW they'll just sit in a folder and rot.

Let me tell you, I get really overwhelmed by a bunch of pictures sitting on my hard drive. So overwhelmed that they sit there for a long time, untouched. I can hardly bring myself to even weed out the bad ones. Clearly, it's not the best strategy.

However, I'm making a few strides. Here are some things I'm currently working on, and am pushing myself to keep up with:

1. Caroline's Baby Book. A traditional scrapbook, which I'm trying to keep simple and sweet. Birth stats. Milestones. A few notes about each month. Pictures with each grandparent and great-grandparent.

[Don't mind the grainy iPhone shots, by the way]

Caroline's Baby Book

2. Shutterfly Photo Books. I'm just starting this one, but it gives me a chance to get a bunch of pictures into a single book, QUICKLY AND EASILY. For 2011, I think I'll make a Caroline-specific one, and a broader book of our family's adventures.

3. Up on the wall. I, along with the rest of the Internet, was inspired by this post. So we took a baby step and put up a few photos. I wanted family shots, and Josh wanted vacation pics. You see the result.

We've included a variety of pictures, including three from Rome, one from Oregon, one from Paris, and another from Copenhagen. As far as family shots go, we've got one of Riley in our backyard, one of me and Josh in Bloomington, IN, and two of Caroline.

We figure we can add to it here and there with updated photos, and expand the collection.

This is a stretch of hallway that connects the front door with the kitchen.

And do you remember my Charleston photo project? I enjoyed putting those together so much that I couldn't choose just one or two. So...

So we just added to the wall this week:

Both the Charleston collage AND one from Caroline's 6 Month photo shoot were added.

I look forward to adding to this wall... and hope to add some non-photos, too. A big "B," perhaps? A framed key to our first house? Caroline's future artwork? Extra-special concert tickets or something? We'll see.

So, those are the steps I'm taking to actually, you know, use our pictures. And I'm curious... what do you do with all of yours?

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