Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Internet Love Fest

1. I have recently discovered Pinterest. LOVE. Join me.

From the website: Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Collect the things you love.

This means that I can "pin" house decor ideas/recipes/DIY directions/cute stuff for Caroline up on my "pinboard" and be able to come back and see them all organized nicely. MUCH BETTER THAN BOOKMARKS. Because I can see snapshots of images. I'm totally visual like that so it's super helpful for me. And I can access my "pins" on any computer I want.

Even better than bookmarking-on-steroids? I can see what others are into -- my friends, total strangers, and people whose blogs I regularly stalk. And get even more inspiration. Very fun.

2. On the subject of sharing ideas and getting inspiration, I got a super sweet comment today on this post:

We wanted to thank you for these great directions! We used them to make our own shelves for our nursery and we love them! You can see them here:

It warms my heart that someone, somewhere out there, stumbled across this here blog and used my idea. And her nursery looks fabulous.

3. I go in waves when it comes to photography and sharing it on this blog. I get all inspired to take a bunch of pictures and use them in this blog, and then I get tired of it and forget I have a blog for a couple of weeks. I'm currently revving up to start picture-ing again here. Basically I just get inspired by the work of others and get back in the picture-taking/photoshopping/blogging saddle. We're almost there.

4. That's all. Happy Wednesday evening.

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Marla Taviano said...

You're like the 36th person to try to get me to join Pinterest. SOON. Making myself get some other stuff done first.

I told Beth about chatting with you. She gushed about you and your sweet fam.