Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quebec, QC

So remember how we went to Canada for the Fourth of July weekend? No? Okay.

Well, after enjoying Montreal for a couple of days, we headed up to Quebec, which is about three hours up the road.


Montreal felt like a normal North American city that just happened to speak French.

Quebec, on the other hand, felt like someone dumped a charming French town next to the St. Lawrence River. There were city walls, historic battlefields, winding streets, and charming old gabled buildings. Delightful. Who knew?

And all sitting on a cliff up above the river. Totally picturesque.

Our trusty jogger stroller got a workout. Hills... cobblestones... more hills... and that time I made Josh carry the darned thing down about 300 stairs.

Thanks, honey!

One evening we were eating in a little cafe off the beaten path. Caroline was cranky, and they didn't have any high chairs, so we were juggling her on our knees while trying to eat. This very nice couple from Edmonton was sitting next to us and offered to bounce our baby while we ate. YES PLEASE. Then they told us about a free Cirque Du Soleil show that the city puts on a few days a week. FREE? I've wanted to see one of those shows for like, forever. FREE? And wouldn't you know, the venue was a half mile walk from our hotel. And actually under a highway overpass.

There was a tightrope walker. A trapeze... er. (Trapezist? Trapezeman?) Trampoline guys. Fire tricks. And a girl who did amazing things with hula hoops. Incredible!

So, couple from Edmonton, WE OWE YOU ONE.

TWO, actually.


Do you see that picture of the waterfall? Josh wanted to go, and it was just on the other side of town. Tall and beautiful, yes. But do you see that bridge going across? I have all kinds of irrational Mama-fears about my child falling off a high point somewhere and tumbling to her death. So you can imagine my pleasure at walking Caroline across that bridge above the thundering falls.

Josh made it up to me by finding an ice cream spot that served, hands down, the best cone I've ever had. Hand dipped in a LOT of dark chocolate.

In conclusion, Quebec was totally awesome. Thank you, Josh, for talking me into going there.


Jess said...

So sad our playdate didn't work for today. I really wanted to hang. Feel better sweet Caroline! For now I will have to have a blogger heart to heart :). Confession: I have an irrational fear of travel. It is stupid and I really WANT to get over it but plummeting to my death from high in the sky is just hard to shake for me as I'm in a plane (I have and do fly but it usually takes some type of beverage type drink to get me in the air). And whilst I am away from my home I tend to only be able to think of my home!!! All this to say, I am living vicariously through your travels. Love looking at your love for the world and traveling. Maybe someday I will be released from these dang fears!!! Until then keep snapping these and letting me dream :). Side note: motherhood looks beautiful on you friend. Side note#2 how do you make your picture layouts like that?

Sylvia said...

Quebec City is one of my favorite places on Earth! Growing up, my family went skiing up there every winter. So happy it treated you as kindly as it always treated us!

P.S. Love your blog!