Monday, August 1, 2011

A book review: Receiving David

Tender. Sweet. Profound.

I loved this book.

It's an inspirational story of David Knol, born prematurely and with significant special needs.

Faye Knol invites readers into her family's story of raising their son. The terrifying, nightmare-ish birth. The struggles. The health concerns. The awkward questions. And the profound achievements that David was able to make. From his first triumphant steps, to his public profession of the Christian faith, David grew to overcome significant obstacles and inspire an entire community. Not only that, but his friendly, opinionated, and curious personality charmed everyone who took the time to get to know him.

The love of the Knol family, and the trust in an almighty God, shines through each page.

And although this is a serious story of a family, and a young man, I found myself laughing out loud at David's antics. He had a variety of quirks, from a passion for wood chips to a love for spatulas.

I grew up knowing David and his siblings. My mom took care of David from time to time, and his family was good friends with my cousins. I remember how he loved to sit on my parents' couch and listen to my mom working in the kitchen.

I appreciate that this book perfectly captures the story of God's faithfulness to a family. It tells David's story in vivid, delightful detail. And it is a wonderful read. Not just for parents of special needs kids. Not just for family friends.

It's a truly uplifting, God-honoring work. You'll be blessed to read it.

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