Friday, January 18, 2008

Happiness Is...

I enjoyed reading this post and this post and thought I'd throw in mine as well...
...a cute husband who brought me my special latte from Starbucks (grande vanilla with skim milk and two pumps of syrup) out of the blue this week

...a visit from my parents (see below for a picture of my mom + Riles)

...taking an afternoon nap with Riley (who is always up for naps!)

...friends coming to visit for the weekend. the kind of friends you don't have to entertain but are happy to watch The Office or play Guitar Hero with us all day long. we will miss caring for Natalie this time around!

...organizing my scrapbook paper into 3 foot shelf I bought on sale this week at Hobby Lobby

...trips to Hobby Lobby, and un-spent gift cards to use while there

...a bubble bath with a good book, like this one or this one
...digging into the Psalms of Ascent (more on that later, I'm sure!)
...a birthday party planned for Josh, Amber, and Chad tomorrow night (and the cheese fondue we're planning on bringing)
...a clean and tidy apartment, which was done today in preparation for our friends' visit! otherwise we're not all that on top of things...


Short Stop said...

This is a great list! :) BTW, did Josh and Jason conspire on the Starbucks thing? Thurs. night, Jason walked in after work with my favorite Starbucks drink, and for no reason?? He's never done that before. Maybe our blogs are sending them secret messages? :)

Have a great time this weekend! Sounds like you're gonna have a fun one!

Dave and Jenni said...

What a great list! BTW, my husband and I were watching season 3 of The Office last night and we happened to come upon the "watermark" episode where Jim dresses as Dwight. It never hit me that that's how you came up with the original title of your blog. Hilarious! Just so you know, Dave has his very own Schrute Buck hanging up in his office at work. He's trying to work his way up to an extra five minutes... LOL!