Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ready For My Own Bed

Today is the last day of vacation.

Yes, all good things must come to an end.

It has been a fabulous trip, but we´re READY to come home. This evening we´ll board a plane, fly to Chicago overnight (about 12 hours long!), then sit at O´Hare for 3 hours, then take a ¨puddle jumper¨back to Indy. Then a bus ride to B-town. I do wish I could snap my fingers and transport myself to my little townhouse in South-Central Indiana. But not so much. So I´ll smile and read and maybe take a sleeping pill.

And yay - tomorrow we´ll be back in our OWN PLACE. Where we have a clean shower and a flat iron (I´ve missed it these past couple of weeks - you´ll see lots of crazy hair in the pictures I´ve yet to post!) and a refrigerator/kitchen.

I can´t wait to get back and load some pictures!

Hasta Mañana!


The Telmans said...

Loved reading about your trip, travel safe home. When are you in GR next? You'll get to meet Michael!

p + j + g buurstra said...

Oh yes, the downside of traveling. It always feels so good to be home. Safe travels to you!

And yes, we'd like to plan a visit. We'll talk soon!

Anonymous said...

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