Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little DIY Tip

This might be a little bit obvious. But I'm new at this and like to read about very obvious DIY tips. So bear with me.

When we were painting our kitchen cabinets we decided early on that we also wanted to replace the hardware with something more our style. New paint + new hardware goes a long way, in my opinion. Most of the metal accents on our main floor are in a finish known as "oil rubbed bronze," and we wanted to stay consistent with that.

So we picked up these guys at Home Depot. Classic look, great price.

But who wants to put in brand new hardware on newly painted cupboards, but with old, tainted, shiny brass hinges? Especially when the hinges are very visible?

Not us!

But a pair of hinges costs around $3. That doesn't sound like too much, but multiply that by 25 cupboard doors and you're looking at an additional $75.

The solution? A $4 can of spray paint.


We didn't know if it would work. Josh was especially skeptical. But what did we have to lose by trying? $4 in paint. It was worth a shot.

And let me tell you it was:

And they looked great!

We went from this:

To this:


To do it all over again I'd make sure that they were painted more completely before they went on the cabinets. Hinges have all kinds of nooks and crannies to get at, and we realized we hadn't covered them 100% once they were already re-attached to the doors. Some touch-ups were needed. But really, this solution worked super well for our cheap-o kitchen makeover.



Searle Family said...

Very nice. I think I'll do that in my bathroom!

SEHJ said...

Those look great!!! Excellent work!! I've become obsessed lately with a blog - www.centsationalgirl.com - she does a LOT of DIY projects using Rustoleum!!