Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Master Seamstress.


But I've been feeling totally crafty lately and have worked on all kinds of various projects around here lately. You know, between weekend getaways to New York and D.C.

And since our "for fun" travel budget has been slashed to save up for baby B's arrival, I'm going to keep right on going with the home/craft/photo projects for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, back to my sewing projects.

Back when we moved in I was perusing the clearance rack at West Elm and came across a totally awesome duvet cover. We didn't need a duvet cover. I don't even like duvet covers. But the fabric - oh, I loved it.

And more than that, it matched my kitchen 100%. So I bought it and stashed it in a closet for about 8 months.

Then, with the help of my friend Lora, I made the two easiest sewing projects in the history of sewing projects.

A curtain. And a tablecloth.

Kitchen window before:


Kitchen window after:



A few things to note:
1. Yes, we totally still have our Christmas decorations up. Sewing projects are more fun than packing away holiday stuff.
2. See how there are only 2 lights working on the chandelier? Now there's just one. Ghetto fabulous.
3. Our next kitchen project (a much more involved one) is currently underway. The target? Those 80's oak cabinets. They're getting a facelift.
4. It is a rare day when there aren't dirty dishes in our sink. I didn't feel the need to clean up for y'all.


SEHJ said...

I love it!!! IT looks wonderful!!! Man oh man, I wanna be in Columbus so bad so I can be crafty with y'all!! :)

Sue said...

It's sooo cute! Love the green!

Rebecca said...

Looks great! What're you doing to facelift your cabinets? Can't wait to see...

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