Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kitchen In Progress

Last weekend I was in D.C. with my friends DeeDee and Jamie. More on that later.

But while I was there my VERY sweet husband decided to tackle a project we'd had in mind since we bought this place -

Painting the kitchen cabinets.

In their original state, they were VERY 1985. Shiny oak. Medium brown. Not hideous, but not our favorite look either. And while it would be fun to start from scratch and get new cupboards and counter tops, it would probably cost a bit more than we're willing to spend. Which is to say it would cost more than $300.

So with just a few ingredients - an electric sander, a couple of gallons of West Highland White paint, new hardware, and a bit of bead board, we'll have ourselves a nice, budget-friendly kitchen update.

The counters and sink will just have to wait. But we're okay with that.

Last weekend while I was partying it up in D.C., Josh texted me iPhone pictures like these:



It was fun to track his progress. And since I got home on Monday night we've continued to chip away at the project.

We're not done yet. It is still a work in progress. In fact, this is what our basement currently looks like:

But it's coming right along, and that is fun to see. Here are some sneak peeks:



Erika said...

Awww, what a sweet husband :) Amazing how repainting something can really lighten up a room and give it such a different feel. Looks good :)

Lynn said...

Lovely! You should go on vacation (to DC) more often!

m said...

Hi I came from the yhl spotlight....can you post details regarding the painting process? Did you brush or spray? How many coats? Primer or no? Thanks much

Erin & Erik said...

I also saw this via Young House Love and I'd also love to know how you painted the cabinets and put up the beadboard. My cabinets look very similar to your before pics - fake wood paneling and all - just in a smaller kitchen. I'd love to try to achieve the same facelift!