Sunday, August 3, 2008

Congratulations to Mike and Rebecca!

My beautiful, sweet cousin Rebecca got married this past weekend! The entire day was perfect - a joy to be a part of for everyone who was there.

First was the wedding at, well, First. It was a great ceremony that went off without a hitch! Then off to a nearby ministry center for a dinner reception. Guests enjoyed appetizers, games, and adorable favors, and then a nice dinner! Josh and I took off early from that, however, to set up the next part of the celebration:

The backyard party!

Everything about Becca's wedding was wonderful, but I think the party was a highlight for the guests. My uncle and aunt had worked hard to build (yes, build!) a dance floor and cocktail tables, as well as string up lights, get food, and organize all kinds of other details. The entire "party team" did a great job. And the party was a complete and total success. A blast!

What more can you ask for? A happy couple? Check. Beautiful wedding? Check. Fun reception? Check. Rockin' party? Check.

I LOVED the flowers they chose! They looked gorgeous against the dark blue bridesmaids dresses.

The cute couple sneaking a quiet moment before the craziness began.

Elizabeth, the maid of honor, was super excited to sign the marriage license!

The newlyweds headed off to the reception!

All set up for the party to begin! A big thanks to Kathy and Grace, who worked hard to set everything up before the party and take care of all kinds of details during and after the party.

The first dance! They took a couple of lessons and did a fantastic job. Totally romantic!

As the sun started to fade, all the party lights stood out and illuminated the entire backyard. Beautiful! And then we all danced and chatted and ate food dipped in chocolate late into the night.

Rebecca and Mike ~ blessings to you as you start your life together! We're so happy for you. And enjoy Kauai!


Marlene said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Aunt Sophia (in Clovis) and I (in Modesto) were feeling rather lonely being so far away from the festivities. It looks like it was lots of fun.

Lynn said...

I love weddings, and this one looks like it was especially fun. You and your cousin look like you could be sisters!

the buurstra's said...

LOVE those paper lanterns and lights...super cute! Looks like a fun party!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh they looked so happy! What a great day for them. Sounds like you had fun too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help with the "after party", Jess and Josh. We had a wonderful time. Other than part of the chocolate fountain hurling through the air and rolling down the steps into the family room late at night while Dan was cleaning the choc. fountain, everything was perfect. Sterk Carpet cleaning is coming today to clean it up. The entire wedding day will always be a happy memory.