Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I don't know what has gotten into me. Really.

But I've been in such a crafty mood lately. My sewing machine, iron, Cricut, and various cutters /hole punchers have been working hard.

In the past three days, I've made:

1. Tags
2. Cards
3. Scrapbook pages (Christmas 2007 is now complete!)
4. Certain sewing projects I can't mention because certain readers of mine may be recipients

And... in a slightly dangerous move, I've gotten into Etsy lately. Tell me you all know about Etsy. For those of you unfamiliar. let me give you a little introduction. Etsy it is a website where people can buy and sell handmade items. This can mean anything from purses (a personal favorite) and clothing, to jewelry, music, and plants (?). Adorable baby stuff, too. Wikipedia calls it:

A cross between Amazon, eBay, and your grandma's basement.

So far I've managed to keep my purchases to a minimum. Just cute fabric - I promise. But seriously - there is some seriously cute stuff. What really makes me laugh is that my friend Julie just posted about how she loves Etsy, too. I read it about an hour after I'd done some significant shopping there myself. About the same time I was concocting the Etsy love-fest you're now reading. Same wavelength, clearly.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

A darling, all purpose bag that just happens to be have a waterproof liner:

Key fob:

And a dog collar for Riley, of course!


the buurstra's said...

hee hee hee...GREAT minds do think alike!! :)

i haven't actually bought anything yet, but hope to soon.

some of those baby items were too cute to pass up.

Dave and Jenni said...

I love that bag! I've been looking for a new make-up bag (clearly that one is too big for my mascara and blush - I'm a regular Tammy Faye). I haven't been happy with any I've seen here in town. Is it crazy that I'm THAT picky about my make-up bag for the two whole make-up items I have? OK, I do have lipstick for when I go ultra fancy.

Anyway. I think I might shop a little. But if Dave sends you a hostile e-mail about showing me a new place to shop, just disregard. LOL.

Lynn said...

Cute stuff! I have done a bit of perusing on a few Etsy shops in the past. I found a really cute apron shop once...really cute, but really expensive.

Anonymous said...

1. i bought those key fobs this summer!Not necessarily from that gil, but the ones i got are fantastic and very well made, so if anyone wants to know her "username" or whatever, let ne know.
2. have been loving etsy myslef ever since you shared it with me. I also have those waterproof bags bookmarked!


Short Stop said...

I LOVE Etsy. Just love it and bought something that I need to blog about. Just haven't yet. But, it is FABULOSO!

I love each of those things. That keyfob reminds me of the one I have that I made at MOPS. I'm sure that one is...ahem...much nicer than mine!

Kristen said...

i randomly peruse etsy but need to do it more often - there is always cute stuff.

love the bag and the key fob - i may have to get me one of those :o)

thanks for sharing!