Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favorites: Podcasts

This is a category that I could really use some suggestions for!

As many of you know, I work from a home office most of the time. And when I'm home all day it gets pretty imperative for me to have something going on in the background. I also find myself in the car for long stretches of time, where something good on the iPod is extremely important as well.

When I'm not listening to audio books (and I do love those too!) or music, I often turn to podcasts. Here are my favorites:

1. Far and Away. Hands Down. #1 on my list. I'm totally a This American Life junkie. For those of you who aren't familiar with this award-winning radio program, it consists of a couple of talented hosts/narrators, a theme, and a variety of stories that touch on that theme. Most of the stories are true, and about everyday people. Okay, I just made it sound boring. But the stories are truly fascinating and entertaining, and just super well done overall. The themes? They could be anything from summer camp to breakups to crazy pet lovers to what truly constitutes a fiasco.

If you're on iTunes, you can usually find This American Life at the #1 podcast slot. You're always able to get 1 free weekly download there. If you're willing to listen right from your computer, you can get all kinds of episodes at their website for free too. I'd recommend starting with their favorites section.

2. Dave Ramsey, budget/personal finance guru. We did a Dave Ramsey class at church when we first got married, and enjoyed it. It totally motivated us to live really simply and pay off a car loan and my undergrad loans before Josh started up with school again. I like to listen to Dave to stay energized about our own budget (or get back on the horse when we've fallen off, depending on the month). He talks a lot about debt repayment, savings, and plain-old common sense when it comes to money.

"Where debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice."

And there are always callers that think that maybe, just maybe he'll tell them it is okay to get a leased vehicle or borrow money from family. Really? What ARE you thinking, people?

3. When our favorite show is on, I like to listen to the theories revolving around the plot of LOST at The LOST podcast with Jay and Jack. But alas, it will be awhile before that is back on TV! Any other LOST fans out there? What's the deal with Walt? Will Jack make it back to the island? And how is it that "eye-liner man" (my name for him - his name on the show is Richard Alpert) doesn't age like everyone else?

4. Speaking Of Faith with Krista Tippett, from American Public Media is one I'll listen to from time to time as well. She covers stories on all kinds of different faiths, from Catholic prayer to ancient Paganism. Sometimes she touches on Evangelical topics as well, which I've mentioned before. I always find her to be both talented and objective in the way she portrays things.

Okay, folks - what else is good?

I'd love to find some more Christian faith-based podcasts, but I often times they're a little too deep to be playing in the background of an average work day. When I am in a sermon mood, though, I usually go for Ada Bible Church. I am consistently challenged and encouraged by the excellent teaching there. Also high on my deep, need to focus completely on this podcast because it will change my life list is Ravi Zacharias. But I'd love suggestions for my slightly more light-hearted list.


Dave and Jenni said...

OK, so I haven't gotten into the whole podcast craze yet, but I also prefer quiet over background noise, so that's probably why. With the girls, I have about all the background noise I can handle. LOL.

Hope you find some good ones!

Kristen said...

getting caught up after vacation and the craziness of summer. you guys have been busy - and having so much fun!

i haven't hit the podcast craze yet either but i did download a dave ramsey before vacation - so good. we are taking FPU starting next month at church. i have done crown financial ministries and loved it but i have heard so many good things about dave ramsey it will be worth it.

i liked your other suggestions and i may have to check them out. i like to listen to "talk radio" when i drive and even when i run, it changes things up a bit. let me know if you get some good ones

Lynn said...

I got nothin' for ya....but you had some great suggestions.

another LOST fan here!

the buurstra's said...

sorry, i don't have any suggestions either...i'm not into podcasts yet either...but i can learn! you've given me some jumping off points when i get there.

btw, the series jeff is doing right now on "the lost art of hospitality" = fabulous.