Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Tangents

Okay, a couple of tangents.

First, I was looking at a picture in this post and realized that Josh still has that shirt.

No shirt from Steve and Barry's ever lasts that long. And yet that was my 19th birthday and I'm almost 25. It has GOT to be paper thin and fraying in several places. Perhaps we should replace it (for all of $6.97) when we're in Ann Arbor this weekend.

Second, props to the folks at Maize N Brew for their series of posts - 100 Reasons To Love Ann Arbor. Any of you blog-stalking Wolverines out there? Check it out.

Updates: Josh claims that his current light blue Michigan shirt is a newer one. I have my doubts.

Also, Jamie tells me she actually took that picture at California Pizza Kitchen that day in September 2002! It totally seems like another lifetime.

1 comment:

Jaimbob said...

I actually don't have too many steve and berrys shirts that are going strong anymore.. most of them had random holes and were tossed...

another note to the blog writer though... i totally took that picture at CPK!