Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun on Friday - A Meme

I saw this on Tanya's site, and thought it looked like fun.

10 Years Ago...

I was almost 15, and it was summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I was in the midst of driver's training with my cousin, Erin. What an obnoxious 3 weeks of my life!

5 Years Ago...

Josh and I had started to talk on the phone. A lot. I think he even visited me at my parents' house in Grand Rapids (he lived in Ann Arbor at the time) and we talked until 4 am. I was trying to figure out if he had feelings for me that were more than just a best friend, because I knew I had romantic feelings for him! We started dating two weeks later.

5 Months Ago...

We had just returned from our trip to South America. What fun we had in that beautiful part of the world!

5 Things on my list for tomorrow...

1. Head to the Bloomington Farmer's Market (yay!)
2. Watch the Olympics
3. Search for my camera cord (sigh - is losing things like that always inevitable when we move?)
4. Get this place more clean and organized.
5. Take an afternoon nap!

5 Things people don't know about me...

1. I've kind-of gotten into The Secret Life of the American Teenager
2. I burst into Afternoon Delight from time to time
3. I don't like bananas
4. I'm currently putting off housework to do this
5. I used to be really shy

5 Bad Habits...

1. Nail biting
2. Losing everything. My latest struggle = ink pens
3. Putting things off, then forgetting about them
4. Letting the recycling pile up, instead of taking regular trips across town to drop it off
5. Failing to blow dry my hair right after my shower. So I end up with really, really bad hair that I have to go wet down again.

5 Places I've Lived...

1. G-Rap!
2. Bloomington, IN
3. Istanbul, Turkey
4. Ann Arbor, MI
5. Virginia Beach, VA


Lynn said...

Fun! I think I saw a variation of this meme somewhere. Love it! You've come a long way in a decade.

Turkey!?! for how long?

Short Stop said...

Bad habit #3 - bane of my existence.

You really don't like bananas? Do you like banana bread?

Dave and Jenni said...

This was great Jess. I love the mini-story about you and Josh - very cute!

Alli and Phil said...

I don't like bananas either!