Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Five Year... Uh... Dating Anniversary?

Do you celebrate the anniversary of when you started dating? We usually don't, especially since it is only a couple months after our wedding anniversary.

However, this year, we both have our eye on something we'd like to purchase that isn't exactly a need. For Josh, it is DVDs of old Michigan games. For me, an ICKY bag on Etsy! Actually, I'll get two of these - one big and one small. Both have waterproof liners and I intend to use them for makeup/toiletries when I travel. Who knows, maybe it will help! So we're calling them five year anniversary of being together presents. Convenient, right?

I'm totally excited for my ICKY bag set! Here is what they'll look like:

Side one:

Other side:
If you, too, are dying for an ICKY bag, check out:

Kelly, who owns and creates the products for Petunias, is actually an old co-worker of mine. Her stuff is adorable!

And while we're on the subject of Josh and my five year dating anniversary (which will be tomorrow, by the way), I think it is about time to tell our story. Stay tuned!


Sara Saves said...
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The Lowe Family said...

Yeah! I'm glad you found me. I was just getting online to blog-stalk you too:) I love the bag you're getting for your dating anniversary. I may have to start celebrating my dating anniversary too...especially since it's at the beginning of September.

Short Stop said...

I celebrate our dating anniversary every. single. year. It's just me, though. I have to remind Jason - and then he tells me how wonderful I am and how he's so glad he met me and then yawns. LOL!

I also celebrate our engagement anniversary. Give me a reason to celebrate and I'm all over it! :)

Love the goodies!

Erika said...

Jess, those bags are so you. Have a happy and fun 5 year dating anniversary. Why not do it? It's a special date :) Bryan surprised me on our 6 mos dating anniversary and our 1 year dating anniversary. He's more romantic then I am...

Kristen said...

the bag is awesome - so glad you are getting it!

we don't celebrate our dating anniversary because the date is a little merky... we dated long distance so our "dating" began with phone calls, letters, and a few visits. I can't say when we were official. I do celebrate our engagement - New Years Eve!

Happy Dating Anniversary!

Dave and Jenni said...

I still need to check out that website to find a cute make up bag for me. I like the one you chose!

We celebrate the day we met and our wedding anniversary. I know the dates that we started dating and when he proposed, but we don't really do anything special for those.

Christopher said...

hey witte, i got DD diamond earrings for our 5-year dating anniversary, because she is just that awesome. ;-) i enjoyed your dating story. Do you remember when I told you ( after we had dinner that August) that Josh was an idiot if he didn't date you? the you started dating like two days later or something :-D fun times :-)

Alli and Phil said...

Hey! Those are Amy Bulter fabrics!!! Love them!