Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've Come To The Conclusion That...

I'm the world's worst packer.

I had an overnight trip to Illinois yesterday for work, and packed a bag yesterday afternoon. It didn't help that I was distracted and in a hurry, but you'd think that a simple overnight stay wouldn't be too difficult to plan for.

But upon arriving at my Springfield hotel I soon discovered I'd forgotten:
-my glasses
-a toothbrush (but toothpaste I'd somehow managed to bring)
-deodorant (thankfully I had some in the car, however)
-my book

Seriously. I need to get better at this.

Perhaps if I had a certain travel toiletry bag I could be more organized... (just kidding, Josh!)


Lynn said...

At least you had a blog story from it. ;o)

I forgot my underwear once...that's worse.

Short Stop said...

I am with you on this one. I am a TERRIBLE packer. I always forget stuff - mine and the kids. Jason, however, is the BEST. He can pack a week's worth of stuff in a carry on bag, and never forgets anything.

JOSH, buy it!

Kristen said...

I always make a ton of lists to make sure I have all my stuff and the kids' stuff.

Once when lance and i were just married he forgot his entire suitcase, toiletry bag, etc.. on our bed. At least we were just going to his parents so he could borrow clothes from his dad.

the buurstra's said...

I guess I'm more of the neurotic packer...I go over and over and over it in my head until I've driven myself crazy...but, I don't usually forget anything.

A cute toiletry bag would definitely help you remember stuff, I'm convinced of it!! :)

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL. I've had trips like taht, which is generally so unlike me and my little type-A self. But it can be so frustrating when it happens!