Friday, July 18, 2008

Because I Know You're All Dying To Know...

Yes, I saw the March Of The Ducks at the Peabody in Orlando.

Very big stuff. You can't tell from these shots, but there were all kinds of people crowded around to see the show. One little kid actually got to help, and it was obvious he took it VERY seriously. From what I read on Wikipedia (sorry, Lora) having the job of "Duckmaster" and "Duckmaster's assistant" is a pretty big deal.

When they're not in the fountain, the ducks live in the "Duck Palace" on the 4th floor. I believe that means they have a cage. I've heard it is near the tennis courts.

And tonight starts the beginning of wedding mania for us this summer. The first of 3 summer weddings is tonight. The first of 4 (3 of which I'm helping to plan) bridal showers is tomorrow. That doesn't even count baby showers, which I'm sure will start up big time this fall! Yay for parties!

On that note, does anyone have any fun ideas for bachelorette shower games? I'm looking for some ideas. Something on the clean-ish side, please :).

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Annette said...

Hey Jess...we had a bachelorette party in Chicago and sent people out with digital cameras to "get advice" for the bride on the streets. Hilarious. Bride picked the best advice and that group got the prize. Not really a game, but it was great.

Clint said...

I stayed at this hotel in 2002 when Penn State went to the Capital One Bowl! It's a great hotel!