Monday, July 28, 2008

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

In just under two weeks we're moving. Again. And as I contemplate move #6 since the age of 20 I'm reminded just how hard it is to leave friends behind.

I have been richly blessed with incredible friendships these past few years. As I've transitioned away from college in Ann Arbor, into married life in Michigan, and then back to pseudo-college life again in Bloomington. In a variety of locations and situations, God has continued to give me so many people to enjoy and spend time with. I'm extremely thankful.

I can't say that we've put down too many roots here in St. Joe, but at the moment we're within an hour and a half away from quite a few friends and family members. Just this past weekend we spent a full day with the Buurstra's, then most of the next day with the Van Tuinens. We loved it! And then tonight we met my parents and grandma in Saugatuck for dinner (and to give Chloe back to them) and enjoyed getting see them again, too.

It will be a little sad to move 5 hours down the road again.

And yet I'm totally excited to see my IU friends again. Ecstatic. I really miss those people and so enjoyed making a bunch of new friendships over the course of the last school year.

It just makes me sad that there are so many people quite dear to me that I don't get to see very often. There are so many people I know I'd continue to be close to if they only lived nearby. I'm not great at keeping in touch, either. Life gets busy and I tend to be a "here and now" type of girl. And yet it hurts to lose touch with people I was once close to. That has certainly happened with college friends, and even one of my bridesmaids. Is it just a part of life?

What do you think? How do you deal with change, when it comes in the form of friendships? How do you keep in touch with old friends? Am I alone in this struggle?

Hello goodbye hello goodbye


Searle Family said...


We've moved across the country from friends we knew for 11 years. I'm surprised how few I've stayed close to. However, those that I have are some of my best friends. We call on the phone and we each have a blog which is great because we see pictures and glimpses into each others lives.
I can't wait to see you again in Bloomington!

Jaye said...

Hey girl! I totally understand how you feel about moving... especially since I am also a "here and now girl" too. Thanks for sharing how you feel about moving... good luck as you begin to pack and such.

Also, I just posted my review my blog as well as Amazon. Count me in for the drawing :-).

Have a great day -Jaye

Anonymous said...

Your feelings are very normal. When I moved to California way back, it was the same things. Even though I have not really been able to visit with them each time I come to Michigan and have not kept in contact as well as I should, they will always be my friends.

It is difficult to move to a new place, new church or even new school, but God is using you to touch that many more lives than you would have had you not moved so many times.

Jaimbob said...

Hey homey!

I am happy to say that we keep in contact still! ;) I think you shouldn't worry too much about constantly keeping in contact with people. In all honesty you can't always be really good friends with everyone. It's the whole concept of friends being there with you and for you for a certain phase in life. Now you can look back on photos and memories and appreciate them but maybe you don't need them the same way you did 10 years ago. Plus don't forget that communication is a 2 way street, you can't be expected to do all the work in maintaining relationships... Plus you always need to have room for the new people you meet like the IU people. Embrace where you are now, you could be on the phone every night catching up with an old friend, or you could be out livin it up in Bloomington creating new memories... Don't forget about us old friends... because we love to hear what wild and crazy things you are up to!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh Jess, I know it has to be hard to let go of friendships, but after many major moves in my life, including 3 different states, I can tell you this: those who stick around (and those you feel compelled to stay in touch with) will be friends for life. I think Sarah just wrote about this - that some friends are meant for a season and others will be there until death. I couldn't agree with her more.