Friday, July 25, 2008

Rebecca's Shower #2

I had a TON of fun last night celebrating with Rebecca, some other cousins, and some of her friends. Her sister Elizabeth, our cousin Christina, and I teamed up to host a combination bachelorette party/lingerie shower, and the mix was a bunch of fun.

I mean, it had all the ingredients for a great party:

1. A ridiculous headband for the bride-to-be
2. Dinner out at San Chez
3. Sangria
4. Marriage advice
5. Fun and frilly gifts
6. A pink cake
7. Humiliating shower games (done in the comfort of an otherwise empty house!)

... and (8) an enthusiastic rendition of Goodbye Earl on the way back from dinner?

Nothing says best wishes for a long and happy life together like this song, does it? And yet somehow it was one of the more fun moments we had all evening. A great song to blast over a car stereo with the windows down...

Did you catch Liz - maid of honor - middle of the back seat - belting it out with gusto? Awesome.


Rebecca said...

I had a ton of fun! Thanks so much for hosting!

Lynn said...

Looks like female bonding at its finest.

Dave and Jenni said...

Good times. Good times. :)