Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Riley - Summer 2008


Age: Approx. 2
Personality: Sweet and snuggly, with some fiesty and energetic thrown in. Quite happy-go-lucky with always a waggly tail.


Foods: Nature's Recipe Training Treats, Chicken Jerky Strips, Chloe (my parents' dog's) food, ice cream (especially Dairy Queen)
Toys: Balls of all sorts, the occasional stuffed toy (that immediately gets torn apart)
Activities: Chasing other dogs at the dog park, sleeping, wading in Lake Michigan, walks of all shapes and sizes
Newest Tricks (learned in obedience school!): "Look at Me," "Sit," "Down" (as in lay down)
Still Working On: "Leave It", nice-boy walking (as in not pulling and straining on the leash), barking
Leg Update: Doing great! No problems walking or running, although you still hold it up sometimes out of habit. See picture above.
Favorite Activity With "Mom": Running off-leash along the beach
Favorite Activity With "Dad": Trips to the doggy park in our neighborhood

Dear Riley,

We're so thankful for you! You are so snuggly and love to be with us, and you always make us smile. You are such good company, especially when one of us is away. You are laid back and low-key 95% of the time, which fits us perfectly. You're usually the first to go to bed (unless you're afraid of the fans running upstairs) and you're by far the last to leave it (10:30 am is pretty normal for you). Even though you shed like crazy and sometimes tear up stuff at "Grandma's," we love our "brownie boy."

Yup, totally stole that one from Short Stop. :)


Lynn said...

You are too c-ute!!! What a sweet boy.

Erika said...

He is such a cutie, Jess! I wish we had a dog (hint to my husband...)

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL! I can't believe you did that about your dog. I mean, I totally can because A) He's adorable, B) He is your baby and, C) You just have that kind of sense of humor. Oh you crack me up!