Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taste Of Chicago

We spent an excellent weekend in the Windy City - courtesy of Josh's internship. They put us up in the Hilton Towers on Michigan and gave us tickets to Taste Of Chicago. Saturday morning we hopped on a communter train in Michigan City (a SLICK and CHEAP way to get into the city, in my opinion!) and met up with some friends.

I'd never been to "the Taste" and have to admit it was pretty fun. I don't know that we'd go again, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

My favorite part was clearly digging into a big fat turkey leg. Luis and Lily did the same.

After grabbing some random food in Grant Park, we hiked down to Navy Pier to catch a boat cruise down the river. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got there and found a shady spot to rest.

I've never done a boat tour in Chicago before and really enjoyed it! You get great views of the city while listening to information about the history and architecture of the area. Plus, it felt great to cool off after our walk.

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidences we were also in Chicago. Most of our time was spent at Trinity signing Jennifer up for classes. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Museum of Science and Industry. The boys loved the museum and want to go back there sometime. It looks like you also had a great time.

Lynn said...

Looks like fun!

Short Stop said...

We TOTALLY want to do this. Maybe next year sans babies!

GREAT pics!!!