Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rebecca's Shower

Yup, more wedding stuff to share around here. Saturday marked and important milestone in the life of any Witte bride -

Rebecca's Official Family Shower

Once again, it was flash-back time for me, as my shower was held in the same room of the same house. It was so fun to celebrate Bec this time around.

Isn't it great how towels, and crock pots become really exciting at showers? Oooh, pretty colors! Wow.. you can tilt it to strain pasta!

And you just can't beat a good shower game!

A thoughtful family friend even gave Elizabeth, Rebecca's sister and maid of honor, a gift - new beach towels.
The newest Witte (right?), Kiersten, also got to be part of the fun! She is obviously way cute.
... And now on to the next party - the bachelorette type. Coming up on Thursday, courtesy of Elizabeth, Christina, and myself. Should be a fun time!


Dave and Jenni said...

Looks like fun! And might I just say that I'm totally digging the new short hair the more I see it. It's just really cute on you!

Marlene said...

I'm sad now. I wish I could have been there. Oh the things I miss being so far away. At least I get to be at the California reception.

By the way, I like the haircut.