Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Favorites: Websites

I've decided to start a series of blog posts on my favorites. I mean, I have favorites in everything from movies to fruit to nail polish color, so why not share them?

My first thought was to start "Friday Favorites" but that is too organized for me and I'd like the freedom to share some whenever I want to (read: whenever I don't know what else to blog about).

I'd love to hear what your favorites are too, so feel free to comment or post on your own blog!

Today I'm going with websites (not blogs - I'm saving that one for a later date). On a daily basis I like to check:

1. Google Reader - a must-have one-stop-shop for anyone who likes to read blogs!

2. Facebook - Not only has it become an email substitute with some friends, I love finding out what people are up to this summer via pictures, comments, and the like. Besides, how else would I find out that so-and-so from high school is pregnant or that so-and-so from college is moving to California? Facebook "stalking" is the best.

3. Amazon - This one is half work-related, but the book worm within me smiles when I head there. Reviews? Suggestions? Pictures? Ahh... :)

4. Wikipedia - I find myself heading here to find the difference between an ox and a cow (ox is a type of a cow, for the record), movie plots, and information about everything from trashy celebs to John Adams to WW2.

5. Yahoo Mail - Personal email, of course! I need to find out who is coming to the various bachelorette parties I'm hosting in the next month, as well as what my friends were up to this past weekend. There is always Kelley Partners' Club stuff running through there, as well as a few surprises. And then I spend significant time deleting offers from Banana Republic, Golf Galaxy, and someone I don't know selling ED pills.

6. Weight Watchers - No surprise there. I have to check and log in my points several times throughout the day. Unfortunately I've reached a little plateau, weight-wise, but I'm going to power through. And maybe start running again :).

7. - Rate My Space? Spice Up My Kitchen? How about entering to win the dream home? I watch a fair amount of this T.V. station, and that naturally leads to checking out stuff online. Do I even own a home? No. But a girl can dream.

No, there's nothing earth-shattering or unusual about this list. And that is part of the reason I'm super curious where other people head online - I need to spice up this list!


Dave and Jenni said...

For me, CNN is a must, since I am a news junkie. Also, for movie plots and random trivia, I love (Internet Movie Database).

Kristen said...

Oh thanks for sharing! I just started using facebook, it has been fun but I am definitely not fluent in facebook language.

I use pluggedinonline for movie/tv review for the kids.

I use google to look up stuff for homeschooling quite often. I am a big online shopper - amazon, ebay, and many others.

Good idea for a series of posts!

Anonymous said...

as a librarian, I must say- stop using wikipedia. for real. for me.

places I like? I go to a billion times a day- keeping up is a must for me since i get no other forms of media. I don't even know what station the news is.

I love for new music discovery

have recently discovered and think i will become a fan

AND- you'll like this one, is a new one on my list that i'll probably be visiting

LK (as though I even have to sign it- you totally know who it is)

Erika said...

Have to admit, I'm a wiki addict. It's just amazing how much info there is out there!