Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Countdown to moving back to Bloomington: 11 days!

Josh and I have been talking a lot lately about what types of things we're looking forward to getting back to when we move. Don't get me wrong, we've enjoyed our time here in Michigan. It has been an excellent (albiet busy) summer and a great work experience for Josh. In addition to seeing friends and family, we've enjoyed getting to know this small town. And the LAKE... oh the lake! I've really loved living so close to Lake Michigan. It is JUST beautiful.

But here are some things I'm especially looking forward to about our move back, in no particular order...

10. Our Own Apartment. We've lived in a furnished rental house for the last eleven+ weeks. While it has been mostly functional, it just isn't the nicest place by any stretch of the imagination. Our place in Bloomington has central air, normal paint jobs, and doesn't have a window in the shower. Not to mention it just seems more like "home." Last summer we did some decorating and painting to make it feel homey. And it does!

9. Our Own Stuff. Going along with #10, we're definitely looking forward to using the dishes we picked out, sitting on the new (to us) furniture we love, and watching a tv that a. doesn't require a bobby pin jammed into a hole to turn on, and b. is big enough to be able to see baseballs, numbers on player jerseys, and stuff like that. This one is quite high on Josh's list!

8. Our Own Bed. This one gets its own number! The bed here is fine, but it tends to roll us into the middle every night. All 3 of us - Riley included. Our bed in Bloomington is C-O-M-F-Y.

I do realize that #8-10 are a little superficial, but I'm telling you using other people's stuff for a summer gets a little old!

7. A Nearby Starbucks. Actually, there are like 8 in town. Here? Only one, but it is in a grocery store I never shop at, so it doesn't count. In Bloomington there is a drive-through 'bucks right around the corner.

6. Hobby Lobby. Not that I've had time for scrapbooking this summer! But I heart Hobby Lobby (especially when they have 1/2 off sales! And we happen to have one located just a mile away.

5. Kelley Partner's Club. Along with my friend Lora, I help lead this group. Basically, those of us who are along for the ride, B-School-wise, band together and plan activities, share tips on the area, and make friends! Since Josh can get pretty busy with school stuff, it is great to have things to do in the evenings. I made a number of amazing friends last year, and, as I've mentioned, I can't wait to see them again soon!

4. Our Church. We go to a great church in Bloomington! I appreciate that while they're passionate about the gospel and true life change, they also really encourage being active in the community we live in. We enjoyed going to young couples Sunday School and making friends through Sherwood Oaks. I participated in a Beth Moore Bible Study that I really enjoyed, too. We're looking forward to getting more involved this fall.

3. Fall Colors. I've lived in Michigan (well-known for color tours) all my life but I don't think you can beat the brilliant colors of fall in southern Indiana. We even live close to a little artist colony that is only somewhat tourist trappy. But it is marvelous in the fall. Plus that area is known for covered bridges... beautiful!

2. Bloomington Restaurants. MMM... I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to some of our favorite places! College towns, at least in my experience, do a good job with offering a variety of great food options, from pizza to international fare. Plus there are quite a few places we didn't make it to last year that I'm looking forward to trying, like FARM and Little Zagreb's. HINT HINT, JOSH! :)

1. Welcoming New Families to Bloomington. Last year we were totally welcomed, suppored, and befriended almost immediately after setting foot in the area. I'm excited to turn around and do the same, now that I'm an "expert" at this Bloomington, B-School thing. I know the lingo, what to expect the first year, where to shop, and where to take my car in for repairs. The first year students (and families) will be arriving soon, and I'm totally excited to get to know them and help make their transition just a little easier.


Searle Family said...


I have to say amen to every one of your 10 reasons. I too am so excited to get back. The kids and I drive back tomorrow!!!

the buurstra's said...

awww, nothing like "home"...even if it is somewhat temporary. sounds like you've done a great job making it homey while you're there and that is so comforting!

looking forward to *hopefully* being able to come visit b-town! :)

(btw, i posted my review.)

Gram said...

Jess, I meant to tell you last night when we were together that I also read "Messy" and although I'm not on your list I'll give you my one sentence review:
WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE ON STEROIDS!!! I loved it. Read it on the golf course while waiting on the eighteen green for the next batch of pros to come through. Love you.

Dave and Jenni said...

#3 - Little Nashville? If that's where you're talking about, WE LOVE THAT PLACE!

I can totally understand the draw of Bloomington. College towns are an awesome place to live.